ABOUT AnnA Jewelry

AnnA Jewelry is bold, worldly, and functional, a balance of femininity and funk, stylish but sassy. Designs incorporate beads and natural elements with metal and copper components, lace, and leather. The result is fresh, distinctive, wearable art, unparalleled fashion accents created with attention to detail that discerning women expect in their jewelry accessories.


Located in a small studio in central Bangkok AnnA Jewelry is a unique jewelry line created by, Annebe van Dijk, known to her friends as Anna.

Her interest in jewelry began in 1996. While living in Bali and traveling to nearby tropical islands on her own traditional Buginese schooner, she collected colorful trade beads which she combined with silver components to create unique jewelry designs for herself and her friends.

In 2003, upon moving to the United States with her young family, Anna continued to use materials collected from her travels to Egypt and Asia to expand her small business into a fashionable jewelry line that found popularity in a niche market on the East Coast.

After her move to Bangkok, Anna began designing jewelry that could be produced by “fair trade” workers, a small group of underprivileged women from a Bangkok slum.

Today, AnnA Jewelry is composed of a diverse mix of all kind of beads from Thailand, China and Bali proudly handmade by “fair trade” workers who earn a living wage that supports their families. AnnA Jewelry is a distinctive, exclusive brand available in Bangkok and in select boutiques worldwide.

ABOUT our materials

AnnA Jewelry incorporates any kind of beads, glass, crystals, semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, wood, stone, shells, ceramic, metal and copper components. Most often these elements are combined with metal beads and leather to create a feminine, yet sturdy look. The ingredients are discovered in local markets, hidden back streets, and on travels to island locales, or purchased from vendors who seek out AnnA Jewelry.

Anna, inspired by nature, by observation, and by imagination, fashions the parts together in her studio, with careful attention to detail. After the samples are finalized, each jewelry design is copied and manufactured at the “fair trade” project. Each piece is handmade with utmost care and pass stringent quality control standards before sale.

ABOUT our philosophy

Who wears AnnA Jewelry? Like the designer herself, you exhibit a worldly, unconventional, self-assured air. You are a thirty- or forty-something woman who stands out in the crowd. Radiating passion and energy, you make a difference in your community, your career, and for your family. You are positive, have an uplifting personality, exude subtle humor with a twinkle in your eye, and you like to have fun. You’re a free-spirited woman who thrives on creativity. Stylish and classy in your fashion sense, you surprise everyone by doing things slightly different from the crowd--you march to your own drummer. You adapt your style to match your mood and value craftsmanship and nature. You are complex. You are bold, outspoken and compassionate all at the same time. You are real and honest; what you see is what you get.

With you as her inspiration, Anna designs her collections to emphasize the beauty of a woman who espouses subtlety and style. Anna Jewelry is instantly recognizable, a blend of unique materials and colors that match their owners’ personalities. The jewelry is fashionable but flirty, feminine but edgy, the perfect combination of lace and leather in original signature designs.

ABOUT marketing

AnnA Jewelry’s distinct brand and seasonal line of jewelry is available to individuals or for wholesale markets.

AnnA Jewelry is also interested in tailor-made designing based on a given concept or style by certain clothing lines. The AnnA Jewelry label can be removed and replaced by your own label.

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